Power steering pump replacement

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Aug 11, 2003
Previous owner of my SOA FJ-60 changed the alternator and didn't switch alt pulley. He put on a skinny belt instead to cover his mistake. End story, power steering pump bearings are shot. I ordered a new pulley for my alt. Purchased a reman pump with lifetime warranty. My reman doesn't come with a new reservior. Can someone walk me through changing out the pumps???

Anything I need to know or watch out for???
Drain the fluid and remove the pulley. Hoses unscrew and unclamp. I think it is just 3 bolts that hold the pump on. Just remove the bolts that hold the res on and switch it to the new pump. There is an o ring between pump and res. Install with pulley being the last thing done. Fill with ATF (not PSF) jack up the ft wheels keep cap off res. Have loyal assistant start the truck and rotate the steering wheel from stop to stop. Keep filling res if needed. It will foam like hell at first then it should calm down. No bubbles and you are good.
dd, I must be missing something, why ATF? ???
Thanks for the input!

Doing the job on Whed. Thanks for the help.

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