Power steering pump rebuild AGAIN

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Mar 28, 2003
I know this was partially addressed on the SOR board, but... My question is: Mine is howling, not squeeling. Will the rebuild kit resolve this or does it just need bleeding. It is leaking at the reservoir but only seeping out enough to get the pump assembly coated with ATF. Was palnning on the seal kit to address the leak, if it is not worth it, I'll just by an OEM reman.
Anyone else fix a howling PS pump?

I have a rebuild kit I purchased for my 92 but ended up just getting a new pump put in. You are welcome to it if you want. Just let me know what your address is and I'll mail it out.
The steering box is not leaking? Am I correct? Because mine is. :'(
sounds like we have similar setups. I have 31 BFG AT's and no other mods except the OME. Mostly focused on repairs and updated maintenance for now. Definitely interested in the seal kit, will PM you with info and let me know how much $ for it + shiping. Was yours howling at idle? I keep trying to nail it down between the smog pump and the PS pump.

No leakage at the gear box. A little play in the top shaft that I adjusted most of it out. Thinking about a rebuilt box in the near future.

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