Power Steering Pump Bracket-3b

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Nov 17, 2006
Anyone know of or recommend a bracket that will mount a saginaw pump onto a 3B engine? I went thru the FAQ threads but couldn't find anything specific. I have contacted B Dorry, waiting for a reply...any other ideas?
ps bracket 3b

Build one. Get yourself a saginaw pump off an 80 to 85 volvo. The bracket on them is perfect and the pulley will fit the wider cruiser belt. Keep it simple. mount a 1/4 inch plate in the holes below the altenator. Once that is attached, simple to fab another plate that will bolt to the front oil pump cover, then weld a tab to the 1/4 inch plate, this tab and the front plate will be drilled to accept the volvo bracket. Fab up a tentioner and good to go. I have a pic but can't seem to attach. I'll try again.
I am also looking for a way to add ps to my 3b.

I have heard that 86 toyo van pump and remote reservoir are almost a bolt on.

Does any one have more info on this?

wckgitcrazy- If you can find it, I'd also like to see a pic of the Saginaw set up.........
mount a 1/4 inch plate in the holes below the altenator.

That doesn't work with the factory A/C that uses those very holes to mount the compressor.
I made one myself but as the thread above says It mounts using the holes where my air con unit was, I even used the belt that was on the air con compressor




Does anyone know how much pressure the PS and AC compressor pumps respectively push?

I've got a hairbrained idea to suck some of the heat energy off the exhaust manifold to drive a home made stirling motor/pump. I need some numbers to see if this is remotely feasible.

I don't think the PS pump needs much torque, but it would be sweet to get AC without diverting power from the wheels. If this works it would be a good way to power auxilary electronics and lights too.

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