Power Steering low pressure hose in Boise, ID?

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Mar 3, 2011
Amarillo, TX
On a road trip and will be in Boise a couple nights and I might try and replace a power steering hose that is leaking. Any suggestions from anyone in the area on a good source? It is one of the low pressure lines going to the cooler but don't know which one. I think they are differen't sizes and I will check when in Boise.
Like what Tools R Us stated above, make sure that what you buy is transmission oil cooler hose that's rated for "hot oil service". When i replaced my power steering low pressure hose a few weeks back, the hose shop (Hose Power USA, in Phoenix, AZ.) tried to sell me some so called oil cooler hose. Problem is, when i checked the spec's in their catalog, the hose they were trying to sell me was only rated to a max temp of 210 degrees. Needless to say, their "oil cooler hose" would have failed me in short order. Oh one more thing, don't forget to replace the feed hose from the tank to the pump, it's 5/8 ID, and about 12 inch's long.
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if replacing the line from box to cooler, make sure you keep the fitting that screws into the gear box to reuse somehow. It's 17x1.5 and not a common item.
Thanks. I think I will grab some stuff for backup so if the hose fails completely I will have a solution.
If they haven't been replaced, check them, likely hard as a rock. The most common failure mode we see is cracking, if cracked/leaking, breaking off completely could happen at anytime. Maybe change at your convenience, rather than its?

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