Power Steering Issues on our HZJ80

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Feb 7, 2005
Leucadia (San Diego)
Hello All,
I lost my power steering on our post Christmas trip down into Baja. I was in low range doing a hard left turn to avoid sinking further into the muddy silt when it failed.

My wife says she heard a pop when it happened, but luckily I was still able to turn the truck around and get out of the muddy mess.
From there we basically drove to the camp spot and camped for 8 days since we were 9 hours down into Baja and there was not much we could do at that point.

I never lost any power steering fluid so we immediately assumed it was an internal power steering pump failure.
The drive home was a bit challenging since the truck had no power steering and had a LOT of play in the steering.

Finally took the truck over to Michael's shop in Ramona to get his input. We disconnected the feed line that goes from the power steering pump into the steering gear box turned the truck on and it began shooting fluid out of the hard feed line.

Now we are thinking it is a gear box issue as the pump seems to be functioning?
I can get a rebuilt steering gear box at NAPA reasonably cheap but don't want to replace it unnecessarily if it does in fact turn out to be the pump.

My thoughts are if it is pumping out fluid when turned on the pump is fine.

Any thoughts?

Thanks guys,

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