power steering hose question

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Apr 20, 2009
hi guys, i'm trying to help a lady with her '84 Land Cruiser wagon and so far I've hit a brick wall finding information. The problem is her pressure hose is leaking and needs to be replaced. I can't find one aftermarket and the dealer wants almost $200 for the OEM hose. I did find a reference to an Autozone hose 80070 which I tried but the ends are different. Her hose has flared ends and the 80070 has "o" ring ends. Is there an affordable hose for this rig or am I locked into the dealer ?
to clarify I need the hose from the back of the pump to the top of the steering box

Take the hose to a large truck repair shop,most can make you one while you wait,prob. about 60. or less. Mike
I have bought one from Napa & Carquest in the last couple of years. They will work fine but the key to replacing them is to use a new bronze seat especially if the top is flattened. They are just pressed in and can be pulled out. Toyota is the only place to get the seat but they are not much.
I used the NAPA hose and it fit and works perfectly, so far. Under $30

edit: you could also ask in the wanted section for a used good hose, if you want to go that route...
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I had my local VW bug shop make me a braided stainless steel line with the proper ends for $62
Many, many shops make hoses these days, I had mine rebuilt at Evco House of Hose in Salt Lake City. Any place that does hydraulic hoses will be able to do it for you, just take in the old leaker so they can make a match. FTR, my Toyota hose bolted right up to my Saginaw pump without any mods at all.
Keepin' 'em on the road, that's what we like to hear. :cheers:
Had one done (2600 PSI burst) for $35.00 at a hydraulic shop.:bounce:

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