Power Steering Fluid Into The A/C Condenser

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May 1, 2012
Portland Oregon
I have an fj60 with a gutted A/C system except for the condenser on the front .
I would like to put the ac condenser to good use by running my PS fluid lines into it.
The OEM PS fluid cooler under the Rad had a pinhole leek so I ripped it out , and my current PS cooling setup is a little "janky".
I was reading the threads where others with fj62's were running it through the tranny cooler.

My main concern is that the PS pump would have to work to hard to push fluid all the way through the coils .... has anyone else tried this ?

I was also wondering what the best method would be to clean out the AC condenser.
My first thought is that the AC condenser may be too restrictive on flow. Removing the condenser and installing a cooler that is designed to flow trans fluid is probably a better route.

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