Power steering coolers

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Feb 21, 2009
Enumclaw, WA
Are they all the same? What makes one better than another? I using a '70 impala saginaw 605 4 bolt steering gear box 4+ lock to lock. attaching it to a serpentine pullies and wanted to add a cooler but unk. which one was best for this application.
I just used a universal transmission cooler, maybe 6" x 15"
This is the one I used. It's very well built and works well, bolted to the lower grill.



Dimensions: 4" x 6" x 3/4"
I bought a cheap one at a local car parts store. Work(ed) fine. (Sold the 40). Whatever you do, USE ONE! I blew out the PS pump on my 60 after the cooler rusted out and I didn't replace it. Good luck:cheers:Ned
Depends on your needs both with the 4x4 and the environment (i.e., desert). Just big tires on a trail rig probably just needs a heatsink ps cooler. Longer versions are available. Stack coolers and tube/fin coolers are even better.

But using synthetic oil is arguably more important than a cooler.

A radiator's internal auto tranny cooler is the best single set up. Warms the fluid initially to help pumpability in cold climes and then efficiently cools the fluid when the engine is warm. Coolant in direct contact with a tube carrying fluid pulls heat thru better than air can pull heat from stacks, tubes/fins (with or without fans) or heat sinks.
Funny that you mentioned that and I need a radiator also and was just looking at some Ron Davis radiators with the tranny cooler built in that Circo used for his build. I need to call them on Monday to see what the cost is for one.

Thanks for the replies everyone!
RDR makes a quality product...no doublt about it. They were $500+ last time I checked.

Scrounge around your local bone-yard and see what you find. This was off a Grenada and was like $5
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Derale cooler installed on the rail under the drivers side.
Derale cooler installed on the rail under the drivers side.

i like these coolers for hot rods / street rods / stockish 4wd applications......but definetly not for an offroad application. they heavily rely on airflow to get the job done. if you're working your way along a trail or thru the rocks then that cooler isn't doing much of anything for you except to look great.

the stacked plate coolers are by far the most efficient and compact, so they do the job best. you can buy aftermarket units for $40-55 that will more than do the job. you can also buy used trans coolers like one of the other replies suggested. just make sure to flush them out very well so no contaminants from it's previous host can get into the ps system.

last but not least, the cooler should always be installed in front of the radiator to get max airflow. make sure to use some steel flat stock to mount the cooler, not the plastic zip-tie-thingies they give you in the kits. those will wear a hole thru your radiator before you konow it, especially when off-roading.

PS: Advance Adapters makes a great aluminum rad for 40s as well. i just installed one in splash's rig. you can choose between a standard unit for $500 or one with the trans cooler built in for $550:

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