Power Steering Conversion

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Jun 24, 2003
Vancouver, Washington
What can you tell me about this conversion? What P/S box is recommended, how to mount it? Is there a set up, I can purchase pre assembled?

Do I need to replace the steering column?

What pump etc.... What works, and what dosen't work?
Currently have stock set up. I did my gearing and put on 35's and at 50+ huge wobble action. Instead of spending the money to replace current set up, now is time to do the conversion. So any help, and/or instruction would greatly be appreciated.
You would be better off with the Saginaw conversion (better for 35+tires). Check the tech section and report back here for further questions that need to be answered! ;)
actually, havent tried the adjustments yet! I will try them tomorrow. I just want to plan for the conversin, as I will do the SOA at the same time.
You won't regret going saginaw. I use the setup behind the bumper instead of inside the engine compartment because its already quite busy under my hood. You'll need to decide whicw one will work best for you. 1980FJ40 is right. You'll find all the info you need in the tech section. If you do the car type behind the front bumper and are a cheapskate like me, I might have a tip or two that will help. There's also a stronger saginaw than most people use.
hammerhead, could you tell me a little more? the tech section doesn't specifically talk about fj40 conversion. Any other info you could share would be great. What is typical cost for this type conversion? thx
Acutally there are quite a few write ups specifically for the FJ40. Mine ended up costing about $300. I got the box from a salvage yard, the pump I ended up buying new. The plate took about 4 hours to cut and weld in. The metal was not very expensive anout $10. The steering rod was the most expesnsive. I got mine from Borgeson along with the u-joints (about $200).

The lines are custom. It will be easy to make lines if you get the inverted flare type pump. I think they came on mid 70's GM trucks. The napa online site is very helpful with this. otherwise you have to find the right lines from another vehicle and have them modified.

Hope this helps.
Thank you, I will spend the time and read through all of them. Thank you for the advice.
Sambudo: I'm in the process of doing a ps conversion on my '76 FJ40 now. I bought the kit from Downey, and got a box and pump from the junkyard. I got a pump bracket from JT Outfitters (mounting where the smog pump was..) I see your in Oregon, so you're probably fully smogged, in which case you would mount your pump on the passenger side. There are some posts which include the name of a guy who makes a nice bracket for mounting the pump on that side as well.

I pulled up some good info on the conversion by running a search on google using the terms "FJ40 power steering conversion".

Hope this helps... ken
wdorry makes brackets for the Saginaw pump, also for the toyota ps box, I have both, they're beefey as hell.
i printed out every thing in the tech section and spent about 2 months reading and rereading everything.

go the a wrecking yard and tell them you want a box of of some gm 60's car.
i told them 66 impala and ended up with one from a 69 buick special (same box).
get the pump too, or buy a new one. make sure you get the pulley with the pump.
you should be able to get pump, box, pulley for $50-$60 if you get it all from a yard.

buy 36" of 3/4 hot or cold rolled (hot is cheaper and plenty strong... about $6.00)
buy the napa yokes (two of them) and pto joint (one of them) mentioned in some of writeups (part numbers are specified in the writeups so look for them).
buy a borgeson joint (someone specifies that one too);
should be about $100 for both joints.
after that you will need to fabricate some plates. i'll write up some dimentions and post a write up. i was in the process of writing one a couple of months ago when a virus destroyed the pictures i had taken of the process :(
The fj60 power steering is an exellent way to go if you stay with the 2F.
I'm planning a V8 in the future so I went with the saginaw. I got my kit from downey and went with the AGR pump and box and the pump bracket from JT. After all was said and done it all works well. I will probably never buy anything from downey again. The JT bracket works but only with a small belt because it does'nt align up real well. The Downey pump bracket is a joke not even close to the correct angles. Also downey sent the wrong peices in their kit. Time consuming hassle to resolve.
If I were to do it again I try and find a scout box to use or I go for the full tilt rock ram AGR kit you can get out of JC whitney. Advance adapters and man a fre also sell power steering components for the saginaw conversion. Also this is not an easy backyard mechanic job that Downey would lead you to beleive. Some good welding and facbricating skills are necessary. Even though mine was a real hassle to get done the result is certainly very sweet. The AGR pump and box are silky smooth and light to the touch.
If you get the "60s car" box it will most likely have a part# ending in .....76 cast in on top of the box. It has a 3 1/8" piston which can easily be measured at end cap. There is a less common and lesser known big brother with a 3 1/2" piston. It has exactly the same body size and bolt pattern. I found mine on an old J20. While at that junkyard dig a little harder and find one. If you do the math you'll find a 12% increase in steering power without changing any of the other components involved. It's like a freeby.
Thanks this is some really good information. Is it really neccisary to cut into the fram when mounting the saginaw? or is there another way?
The box is long enough that you pretty much don't have a choice. I haven't had any problems with mine. With proper mounting and bracing you more than make up for any material removed.
I think you could minimize the size of the hole, but you would have to use a spud shaft. This would require additional u-joints and possibly more pillow block bearings for proper support.
There is an excellent write up done by Mark Whately (Tech editor for Toyota Trails and he owns a Land Cruiser shop in Alaska) on the FJ60 Power steering conversion using all OEM pieces from a FJ40,55 , and 60....it is a great explination

The plan i have as of now is to use an FJ60 box and colum with FJ60 pitman arm(or maybe an IFS mini truck arm set up for FJ80 Rod ends??..anybody know if the IFS arms fit on the FJ60 boxes?) with cross over steering to start with then go to full hi steer when time/money permit(ha)

This is all goin in a 75FJ40...at some point...

There is an excellent write up done by Mark Whately (Tech editor for Toyota Trails and he owns a Land Cruiser shop in Alaska) on the FJ60 Power steering conversion using all OEM pieces from a FJ40,55 , and 60....it is a great explination

Is that something I can read online? Or is that a magazine I should go buy? And if so, do you know what month that is?

Thx :)

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