power steering conversion Late model 40

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Feb 10, 2003
Denver, co
I'm rounding up the last pieces I need for my scout PS conversion on my 1982 fj40. All of the write-ups i've seen show the 3/4" steering column on the early model 40, but none on the much different late model FJ40's steering column/shaft. It seems like it's a pretty easy swap with the 3/4" steering shaft from a L6 Chevy but I don't think that will work with my application, which is the slip shaft that comes out of the fire wall and bells out to connect to the rubber steering coupler, rag joint, at the box. Is there an easy and cheap way to do this without using a rag joint? Anyone got any pics of their late model 40 power steering shafts? :-/
I lopped off the rag joint at the factory shaft, had DD's machined into it, and slipped on a Flaming River steering joint. Just tested it last night, works sweet.
you are probably going to skip this advice-

I would pull out the stub shaft (c clip, and rubber accordian boot) and find a length of rod that matches this inner shaft. Then, cross drill it for the pin, put on the square blocks and weld whatever you want to the other end.

when you cut and destroy that stub shaft it is gone forever from normal use- don't waste rare parts!

-rick, who just got a 1982 steering column with a butchered lower section.

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