power stearing/brake master cylinder

Mar 29, 2003
just about got my engine and tranny out, gonna do a 350 to dont know what tranny yet to 4 speed toyota transfer case on my 70 fj40, probably wont ever run again :tear: ,just wondering first while i have my engine out what is the absolute cheapest route i can go for power stearing, and i need to get rid of that huge brake master cylinder, any suggestions????
Nov 16, 2002
I guess what is cheapest is a minitruck powersteering conversion as the units can be had for little money. I've seen mini guys selling their PS boxes for $50. Fab up the bracket to bolt it on to the cruiser steering mounts or buy one.

The brake booster of a minitruck is a lot flatter than a cruiser's. You can use one up to the time they went to Tacomas (when the diameter got larger that it hits the clutch MC if installed in a cruiser). Alternatively you can use a pre-76 cruiser booster, they are also flatter.


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