Power Seat Swap - A special place in Heaven

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Dec 20, 2014
Wilmington, NC
Just writing this to cool down and have a beer while I take yet another pass at swapping out the power Seat mechanicals on the passenger seat (I bought two refurbished front seats but they did not come with the mechanicals, therefore I need to swap 'em).

Driver's seat was relatively easy. Passenger seat is a nightmare. All I can say at this point is that there is surely a special place in Heaven for those that have figured this out. Ugh.

Now back at it...!


You have the front rails bolted down (to the pan) before you have the back portion put together. I've swapped these out a couple times, and typically I didn't do it in that order. Not saying you are doing it wrong or the hardway or that it won't work. Just may try building the mechanicals before you attach the 2 front bolts to the frame and also adjust the back motor down to attach the two bolds through the side of the pan (behind the leather flap) in the back. The mechanicals can be done separately on a table on cardboard that you can spin around as you need access to different sides. no matter how you do it, your back probably hurts from it.

best of luck.
You hit the nail on the head!! I did it slightly different as I bolted down the side brackets into the mechanicals on the workbench first (even though I had to take those six bolts back out when everything was in place to then bolt the slider into them as well). But wow, that can be a bit brutal without having done it before.

She's together though - well, still a few things left such as routing the cords, etc.
I got a couple of extra seats when i purchased my LX450 back in Aug. I had to swap mechanicals on the passenger side... then just two weeks ago I ended up putting on some new leather from lseat and putting in seat heaters (i know i am a baby). I also had to rebuild the driver's side switch as the infamous top adjustor switch stud was broken off. The top stud on the passenger seat (the extra front seat in the batch), is the same as the Driver's seat so it was just swapping out that part of the switch. In short... like you my familiarity with my seats is past my comfort level for a while. I also find no reason for them to weigh so much!

Glad you got them back together. if your rails are not even you can adjust those manually from the front of the seat to line them up.. i think 10mm socket (with out that annoying plastic front plate on).

Enjoy that new leather smell!

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