Power seat gears link?

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Apr 13, 2019
Both driver and passenger seat in my 80 are having the gear worn issue. Can someone please drop me a link the the best place for ordering new ones?
I have a 3D model as well of the gear, which you can use to get 3D printed off a variety of online printers. Somewhat of a cheaper option.
Anyone try these brass ones on Amazon? Longer term solution or more problems than they are worth?
I just did my seats with the plastic gears has anybody used these brass ones? Looks more durable
I just did my seats with the plastic gears has anybody used these brass ones? Looks more durable
Well, the OEM plastic gears lasted 22+ years before the grease in the gearbox housings turned into varnish. So just like any other system on the truck, with proper maintenance they will last a lifetime.
I'll admit I just put my second replacement set of gears on. After thinking about this a bit more, I'm willing to live with the plastic gear being the mechanical fuse in this system. It's ultimately repairable and replaceable. While a metal gear will undoubtedly be stronger, it seems like the next weakest link is the little driveshaft and tubular plastic housing that transfers the motion between the left and right rail sets. If that piece were to blow out (or even worse, the motor assembly itself), it'll be harder and more expensive to repair/replace, for sure.

Now, I may well be ignoring other design factors that are not super apparent. E.g. will the motor itself limit torque to not bust anything else? If so, then maybe a metal gear is OK. Tough to say.

Not the best design on Mr Ts part. But it's what we got to live with. (And ultimately, why I don't complain about my other, much more expensive car, still having a manual fwd/aft seat adjustment).
its a fair point and one that i hope someone at some point experiments. At the very least, while i think we all agree with it being the mechanical fuse as you put it, if that the case, it is annoying that it is not more widely available without a community developing a work around and from what i can tell, only one vendor with a relatively high cost replacement. i will repeat for the sake of our sanity, if anyone knows of a way that i can upload the 3D print file for the open use by the community, please let me know.
FYI it was pointed out to me to just share the file through an online drive. Anyone can download the seat gear 3D file type here and send to your online 3D printer of choice.

Knew I'd seen this discussion before...

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