Power Seat Caps and Pictures

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Apr 24, 2007
Tucson, AZ
After my front seats quit working forward and backwards I searched on this great forum and figured out that the little white caps were no longer there. Unfortunately people will be people and play with the seat even after you ask them not to or tell them its broken.

I found a forum member selling these little plastic pieces


After replacing them my seats still wouldn't work so I investigated further. The gears had been eaten. So I took some pictures so everyone could see what it looks like...





As you can see one side is still good but the other is completely eaten.

Hopefully CDan can get this part without replacing the whole assembly.
If not, can nakman make those too? I got his plastic plugs that you showed.
I believe thats who I got them from. They worked great but the damage had all ready been done.....
Yea, i was talking about him making a replacement gear.
That housing with the chewed up gear will run you about $68. I just replaced mine today. Same story, the seat wouldn't move on the one track and the replacement plug didn't help. With the new housing in there today everything works perfectly.
Just ordered them too. At least now I will many of the white caps in case I lose more of them.....
Someone want to send me a fubar'd gear? Yeah I bet I could make those, I'd at least be willing to give it a shot. I'll send free ones of whatever I come up with to whomever wants to give me one to try to copy, when I get it designed and prototyped.

Is it a press fit around that steel shaft? Or does it spin on there? Or are there knurls or something? hell Gringo if that whole assembly is jacked send it up... or meet me over at Cruise Moab..
nice nak!! you da' man. i'll pull mine apart and send it if no one closer volunteers.
I've got the same problem with my seat and I am sure I will need the gear too.

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