Power seat broken on my 93 LandCruiser

Discussion in '80-Series Tech' started by Aussie, Jul 29, 2005.

  1. Aussie


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    Feb 18, 2005
    Hi all, I tried using the search option here but no luck.
    My passenger side power seat is broken, I removed the 4 bolts, lifted the seat up and hit the power button, only one shaft was working. So I removed the power and pulled the seat out.
    Doing a quick inspection, I found what seemed to be alot of carpet particles wrapped around one of the mechanical shafts. Removed the mess, put the seat back in, hooked up the power and only one of the shafts are still turning!
    The forward back tilt works as well, just one shaft is not turning!
    What are my options?
    Would hate to buy another seat as the leather is still in decent shape.
    Ps. The driver side seat has no problems indicating fuses are good.
    Thanks for any input!

  2. LCphil


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    Mar 14, 2005
    Alexandria, Virginia
    The part number is 72206 a gearbox that contains the gear you need they are around $65 each.

    You will need to remove the seat completely (don't forget to tilt the front to its highest position before you disconnect it from the power).

    Take the side that is not moving apart. Grip the raised rings on the drive screws with vice grips before removing and re-installing the end nuts or you'll have more gears to replace.

    Remove the gearbox in the front and either replace the whole gearbox if is the inside track or replace just the gear from the gearbox you just bought if it's the outside track.

    Make sure the two tracks are aligned fore aft before replacing the seat or you'll be buying more gears.
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