Power mirror fix lx470

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Apr 25, 2019
Neither mirror motor is working properly drIvers side has to be pushed out slightly and the passenger side is all over the place.

What options do I have for repair/ replace/ disable?
My drivers side mirror is not working, but my passenger side is. I've read that replacement of the switch inside the truck will get them to work correctly
Took it by the dealer today. He has an lx as well. We looked at it and determined the previous owner used super glue to try and keep them in place ...... say what?????

All I know is every time I get in the car and start it they are needing adjustment. Of course the dealer doesn’t repair they replace.. I’m not even sure what the mirrors are supposed to do. The switch inside will bring them in completely but will not move them back out.
keep the switch in middle between left and right, and the mirrors won't ever move.. it's a shame this was weak link as lots don't function as designed... my right mirror works 100%, left doesn't move back up when reversing so because of that I keep them static.

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