power brake conversion

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Sep 17, 2006
Santa Rosa, CA
I looked in the FAQ and searched and found some discussion, but nothing directly addressing the options - if there a thread, please point me at it.

I want to take my '66 (old 350) to power brakes. I know there are now several options for the conversion. There is, or course, the regular vacuum booster. But I also know that the hot rod guys are using electric power break systems that I've heard about but have no experience with. I also know that hydroboost is available as well, I have it on my '68 F250 and love it, but have no idea about the applicability to an FJ40 - other than I bought the hydroboost for my F250 from a company that makes them for jeeps.

Those are both for disc brake conversions, I interested in power brake conversions.

I have a '66, 4W discs and no booster and I would rather have the discs than a booster. But you have a SBC, so pretty easy in your case.
Easy would be get a spacer to clear the rib, and get a booster of your choice (Mini / LC / etc) and a master from say a 1972 FJ40 (had 4 wheel drum and booster from the factory) and you would be good to go. You will have to re-plumb for the dual master, and you will have to change some of the ends from 9mm to 10mm fittings.


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