powdercoating chromed pieces

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Oct 12, 2008
i have a few bits that are chromed (headlight surround, glove box cover, speedo surround) but the chrome is beyond savable. in parts it has flaked off completely due to rust.

i want to de-chrome and podercoat these bits. is sand blasting the best way to go about this? will i actually be able to remove all the chroming and get it back to bare metal?

EDIT: just realised i posted in the wrong section, could a mod please move this to 40 series tech thanks
Take it to a plating company they came dip it to remove the chrome
where i am in Oz theres not one near, id prolly have to send the pieces off and was hoping not to do that. I may try blasting and if it doesnt work well then send it all off
seems like sand blasting would take off chrome, but i have never tried it. i just got some engine parts powdercoated, they look great. we will see over the next few years of use how it holds up compared to traditional paint.
Just took some chromed parts in today to get powdercoated. If the chrome is bonded well, the parts just need a light blast for some "tooth" for the powder to stick. If the chrome is peeling already, then all bets are off.

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