Powdercoating Chrome Wheels

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Aug 14, 2005
Lehi, UT
Anyone know if it is possible to powder coat chrome wheels? My LX450 has chrome wheels that are in pretty poor shape and I would like to powdercoat them dark grey or black. I have looked into having the chrome chemically stripped, but the closest place I found that could handle the size of the wheels was in California (Stockton Wheel I believe is the place). Going this route would mean excessive shipping costs. I would like to avoid it if possible. I have an inquiry to a local powder coating shop regarding the feasibility of doing this but they are being a little slow with their response. Was hoping someone in the forum has already looked into it and may be able to provide some insight.
Many have powdercoated the standard LC alloys. Why don't you take one of you chromed wheels by your local place and let them have a look. I'm sure they can tell you right off if they can do it or if it needs to be sand blasted first.

You must pretreat the surface, either by a physical or chemical means. The powder coating must have a rough (micro) surface to grab hold of for good performance. They do powder coat over chrome but it is a very specialized application. Once you incur the cost of prepping and coating you maybe ahead to purchase new.
Beowulf, I'll take them in and see what they say. As drsales states, I am afraid that the prep requirements are going to cost way too much. But I won't know until I take them in.

With respect to sandblasting, I am a little concerned with this approach. Since the aluminum and chrome are different hardnesses, I am concerned that the aluminum may pit while the chromed areas do not, leaving me with a bad surface. I think chemically stripping them is the safer bet. Problem is, not many people have an acid bath large enough to fit a car wheel into.
Now...my chrome wheels were steel....so I'm not sure if that makes a difference...but I asked a couple of places and they all said that the chrome had to be fog-blasted at $25/wheel before getting powdercoated at $35/wheel. I finally found a place that said heck we'll sandblast the hell out of it and then powdercoat them all for $22/wheel. I thought it worth a try and I've never been happier. The powdercoating looks awesome.

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