Powder to Match Paint - gunmetal for wheels

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Jun 22, 2005
Helping a friend refinish the wheels on his '01 LX. They're stock (below) and he's wanting to go with a darker gun metal. But, since the plastic center cap can't be powder coated, we're thinking there's some magically matched powder and paint.

Anyone found a good gun metal gray powder and rattle can?

Edit: I know many powder coat colors have codes identifying the paint that matches. I'm pretty sure those only refer to "real" automotive paints - we're looking for an off-the-shelf rattle can.


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Yea same here. I was also thinking on a gray/gun metal plasti dip if they have that color.

Kinda want to do the grill the same color minus the chrome edge. Mine is faded and has black wear spots along it.
I had to purchase five oem wheels for my 2003 LX so that I could put larger tires on them. The five wheels I purchased do not look alike with the nickel, chrome and I believe flat aluminum look. So I decided to do a rookie move and Plasti-dip the wheels and then I spray-painted them to almost closely match my Galaxy Gray side-molding with Rust-o-elium Flat Iron color form their combo primer/paint can.
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