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Feb 20, 2005
Kelowna, BC
Is anyone interested in doing a run up along the KVR and area between Kelowna and Chute Lake? I know of a couple fun ways to get up there without taking the GIllard FSR. I went for a quick spin on the same route a few weeks ago but came across a stuck dodge driven by a 17 year old kid who was scared $hitless. Got him out and then a few mins later we came across a stock 2WD chevy pickup. Spent 3 hours digging him out!

Another option would be going up the south side of Nickel Plate. Goldboy, do you know the status of the road up there and some of the trails that shoot off to the old gold mines east of the road?

Aug 5, 2005
Southern Interior, BC, Canada.
good job on helpin those guys out dieselDaryl! that is exactly the helpfull responsible image that our club will need! awesome. :) 2wd chevy lol... :hillbilly:

the Hedley Nickleplate road is open and usually graded, however the offshoot roads are still impassable due to snow pack, we would be doing a lot of winching, plus possible conflict with snowmobile's, but the Penticton > Nickleplate > Penticton loop would make for excellent day trip imo.

Stemwinder mountain FSR and Sterling creek FSR [nr Sterling creek ranch] just outside of Hedley have logging operations going on at the moment so there is more winter access and opportunity for weekend off roading.


edit, summer pic of the Hedley Nickleplate road ;)

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Apr 16, 2006
West Kelowna
Depending when ... Just finishing my power steering upgrade (Parts should be here this week from 4 Wheel Auto) - just need a couple more weekends to put the cruiser back together.:wrench: It always seems to come apart during the winter.

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