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Apr 15, 2008
I have a 1967 FJ40 with a Chevy 350 conversion. It sits on stock axles now, and I do have the stock tranny/tcase. However, neither of those are in good condition.

So I was thinking about a project in which I would swap most of a full size chevy truck underneath the cruiser.
So far, I was thinking:
SM465/NP205 Tranny/TCase
14 Bolt/Dana 60

Basically my goal is to accomplish that as cheap as possible. If it is too expensive to run those axles I'll go Dana 44 and a 10/12 bolt or something. I was also thinking of running a Ford 9", and Waggy 44.

I already have a Chevy bellhousing, and power steering conversion. So I was thinking about just running the FJ leaf springs and either narrowing the perches or widening the spring hanger/shackles. Then just fab a crossmember, get drivelines made, and somehow hook up the steering, and it would hopefully be drivable like that.

If anyone has any info, or can point me in any direction with this project please help me out.
Mar 4, 2007
Extreme builds or Pirate has more than afew builds that include much of what you are looking at.
A cautionary note or two: The 14 & 60 will likely be 'full width". this would mean more of yor tire will outside the body lines than in; unsprung weight will be different which will likely cause suspension issues such as: spring wear; increased tendancy for heavy rebounding; axle wrap and more. Those better versed in the technical aspects of spring design will likely chime in.
In any case, is your 205 a passenger side drop? if not expect to do some exhaust and trans tunnel work as well (unless your exhaust runs outside the frame rails).
Laundry list in no particular order:
speedo adapter & recalibration
shift linkages
drive shafts
cross member(s)
spring hangers
shackles & bushings
clearancing for tires
wrap bars
skid plate rework/replacement
steering linkages
legality on road in your area
possible new wheels (My 15" rims don't fit a friends 44; the caliper hits and stud spacing seems a little off)
Kinda hard to call this a "cheap" build but it would be durable. Look forward to the build thread
Oct 18, 2006
Lake Tahoe
You can check out my build for ideas. The front 60 can be cut down 4.5" to match your LC spring width and then you run a 14 bolt rear (C&C or dually hubs) which gives you a 64.5" front axle and 63" rear but dana 60's are not cheap. I have $3000 into my front axle alone so far. If you drive the rig on the street much or wheel on tight trails, a 69" front axle is very wide on an LC

I'd stay away from 1/2 ton chevy axles and 44 fronts. I'm also not a fan of the standard rear 9" cause the pinion is very low. A high pinion 9" is $$. The Lc axles are just as strong stock (fine spline) as any 1/2 ton axle/dana 44 and can be made stronger, so if you're looking for cheap, these are the way to go. If you want a little more width, 60 or 80 series axles will work good.

I'd reconsider using the 205......it is beefy but also big and heavy and you can only get as low as 3:1 gears and I don't believe it is clockable. Again for money sakes the 205 is cheap but so are the LC cases generally. A dana 300 has been used with success and as you get money they have great aftermarket support. The atlas is very close to the same design, they are clockable, have a 4:1 aftermarket gear option, HD 32 spline ouput upgrades, etc. and if you decide to go with an atlas later on, the same adapters work. Not to be biased, the mini toy truck cases are used quite a bit as well and have a ton of gearing options.

So......if you want cheap, I'd say build up what you have, it'll be plenty strong.
Apr 15, 2008
Yeah I started thinking this would be more of a Pirate4x4 project.
I was wanting the width just for the shere stability in the rocks and whatnot. It doesn't necessarily have to be a Dana 60, I was thinking a 44 would probably work fine.
I just want to do the Chevy gear just because Land Cruiser stuff is a little rare around this area, and I figured I could get Chevy junk for cheaper.
I'm cool with doing the spring hangers and shackles just because I've been around a few Solid Axle Swap projects. I just want everything to be street legal enough to get me up to the trail and back.
What does a Dana 300 come out of? How expensive are they and what kind of transmissions can I use with it?

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