Posting Pics 4 April

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Jul 20, 2006
I can't post pics in a thread as I normally do. Just came across this today. I belvie I've posted a few pics previously... not working this evening.
And just did this one:
same thing just happend. I'm in thread and I click on reply and try to click on the paper clip icon like I normally do... I'm unable to do so. I come back later on and try again, going through the same process... then magically I'm able to post a picture. Its not giving me an error. For some reason I'm not able to click on the paperclip icon...

I'll try here... I just came from another thread where I was not able to post..

Right now @ 6:15 CST.. I cannot click on the paperclip icon to add a pic to this post.
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test pic

here's proof that its works.... this time for some reason its working. There is some random issue in the works though.

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