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Mar 27, 2012
Virginia Beach, VA
I finished installed an OME 2.5 kit last Friday and have put about 150 street miles on the cruiser. I have an appointment for an alignment tomorrow, but based upon some measurements I took earlier today I may cancel. The driver's side front is a bit higher than the passenger side and I am considering turning that up a bit. My questions are:

1. What is the opinion on leaving the driver's side approx. 1/2 inch higher to compensate for the weight of the driver?

2. What is ample time to wait for the suspension to settle prior to getting an alignment? Do I need to drive around for another few days? week?

3. This is my first lifted vehicle. Anything special I need to consider with this alignment?

4. Do minor adjustments affect the alignment that much if I have to fine tune later?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks
I'd get the truck level and make sure you have enough droop (60mm minimum). Many here, myself included, have experienced poor steering/handling with a front height greater than 21" measured from hub center to fender. If you have a Firestone in your area, take advantage of their Lifetime Alignment.

Couple of recent alignment threads with some other good information.
Thanks, I read through most, but cannot find anything on how long to wait after install for everything to settle. I am sitting at 1.125 inches of rake now and it hanldes and steers fine so far.
Opinions vary.... but the suspension will settle pretty quick. Adjust the Tb's then drive it around hit some speed bumps, make quick stops, etc. Then recheck your heights. You could reasonably do everything in the same day.
Source Hydrographics said:
1. What is the opinion on leaving the driver's side approx. 1/2 inch higher to compensate for the weight of the driver?
My guess would be that a half inch would be more than needed for just the weight of the driver (assuming a "normal" range of weight). If your thinking is to have the truck completely level under your typical driving conditions you should fill the tank halfway, sit in the drivers position (or better yet have someone near your weight sit in the drivers position) and take your measurements/make adjustments to get level.

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