Possible? (flooding leading to rebuild)

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Apr 11, 2003
I had a gas tank venting problem for a pretty long time -- release the gas cap and you'd get a huge blast of air. It seems that this was causing fuel to be pushed into the carb causing the truck to flood really badly. Make sense? Here's the question...can that fuel flow through the carb, into the cylinders such that it washes the oil away from the cylinder walls? This was my mechanics theory -- i'd just like some other opinions. ??? ??? ???

I'm blowing smoke now and i'm pretty sure the rings are shot. I'm wondering if the cylinder walls are going to be in poor shape as well.
Ive never heard that one before except when you have a carb thats too big or out of tune and continually floods ands washes the bores and dilutes the oil.If your rings have gone and need to be replaced you will have to machine the bores anyway
If your oil smells fuelly and feels thin there's your answer. As for cylinders the rings are softer than cyl. walls so you might be OK.
It is possible to wash the cylinder walls if you pump too much fuel in. It can cause several issues with the most common being no lubrication in the cylinder. I have heard severe cases causing failure, but not very often. It was probably just enough to push it over the edge.

The cylinder walls will be scarred if you ran if for some time that way. You won't know for sure until you get it apart.
What type of carb are you running? The carb should not allow fuel to "pass through" the carb if it is adjusted properly. I have a rochester on mine, and I would get bad flooding because the float had varnished itself to the bottom of the bowl, so every time you tried to start it, fuel would just drain into the intake manifold/cylinders.. there were a couple of times it flooded so bad, the motor would barely turn itself over.. probably due to washing the walls.. It runs fine now though.. check your carb for adjustment issues.

i've got the standard carb for an '85 FJ60. I'll let you know what i find once it's apart.

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