Possible fix for slightly leaky moonroofs...no major effort required

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Waiting for the Great Pumpkin
Mar 29, 2003
So while looking at the "Ideal / Holy Grail 80" thread, I saw the recurring idea that the moonroof leaks/is a PITA - so I thought I'd post a fix I'd found effective for mine since I live in Washington & we get some pretty decent showers here:

Just as a tip for you guys who find the moonroof leaks, here's an observational thing I've noticed:

If you open the panel in the "tilt" position, then just set it down using the "tilt down" function -- take the extra step of opening the roof using the "slide open" & then resetting it by closing it from that position using the "slide closed" button -- here's why:

I noticed that my roof used to "whistle" when I just closed the roof from the "tilt open" position using the "tilt down" button, but if I open the roof with the "slide open" button, then closed it with the "slide closed" button, the "whistle" sound would go away.

I just figured the "whistle" was a small air (water) leak that at high enough freeway speeds meant I had a gap bigger than what was engineered into the roof for the seal to 'slip fit' into the opening - and the immediate change I got from going through the above mentioned steps meant I was getting the gasket to sit as it should.

This may not work for everyone, but I live in a really wet place & I never have had to go above normal maintenance & my roof works/seals great.

I'm sure this isn't going to be some miracle cure for everyone, but if it works for even a few people then it's worth having spent the time typing & posting.

HTH -- Ben
Fiddling with the tilt/ open buttons can improve the situation, but mine is beyond this "simple" fix.
Fiddling with the tilt/ open buttons can improve the situation, but mine is beyond this "simple" fix.

Yeah, I really don't expect this to help a boatload of people here, but since it's fixed/fixes mine I figured it might help a few - who knows, right?

I'll add I tend to leave the roof in the "tilt open" when I run around town (gets the humidity out through the opening) - so it can sit in the "tilt open" position for a few hours in town, then I get home & go through the above mentioned steps & I leave the 80 sitting in the driveway overnight & that means it sitting in showers outdoors generally -- and what I posted keeps things dry in the cabin, so it was worth posting as I saw it.

Good luck, and if this works for you, then post & LMK as we'll see if this turns into a legitimate fix - not expecting it, but the effort required makes it worth trying - and since it's free that will appeal to all of us.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
We have done this technic for years and I agree with you. Ours has never leaked. MIke
FYI: in the FAQ or in past threads this has been corrected by using a bicycle tube...

The readjusting of the buttons isn't working too well on my Landcruiser, 176k miles on it now.
I have to do the same thing to my sunroof or else it will leak
I discovered this a few years ago
I tried to figure out why it does this and I could not locate a problem it is probably just because of age or something who knows
Good tid bit :cheers:

there is also the "phone" cord fix which has fixed some.
I thought mine was beyond repair also but it was just adjustment and solved the problem
On mine, I find it leaks less if I "tilt" it up, then down before leaving it. This is the opposite to what you've suggested above. I also have to park mine with a "nose-up" attitude or I can sometimes get some water leaking down the a-pillars.

If I forget to do the "tilt up then down" trick before parking, and it rains overnight, I usually end up with some water on the passenger floor mat.
I did not think the sunroof was ever designed to completely seal from the top.....hence the tray and the four drain tubes..... Those who have had water on the headliner .......it's usually a clog drain tube


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