possible external head gasket leak

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Apr 14, 2012
South of Houston
Who do you guys trust here in Houston to have a head gasket replaced on your Landcruiser? It appears I have an external leak at cylinder #5. I have been referred to Javier's and to Toyo Cars, any one else out there I can trust?
Heard nothing but good about Javier's myself, heading over there on Friday to pressure test the cooling system to see where we go from there.
Xavier's is good I've been there long time ago. Very busy guy though, so try to appoint in advance if you have any plan.
Patrick, very knowledgeable about cruisers, but don't know if he is still doing side kicks.
You have to call both of them.
Other than that IDK.
I have been talking with Patrick, will talk more as he is busy until March. Hopefully he can find some time in March or April to get this done! We will see!

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