Possible Convertible??

May 29, 2003
Fort Collins, CO
From Autospies.com:

Over the past two years since the concept was shown in Detroit, we have been the first auto news outlet to predict the FJ Cruiser will become another big hit for Toyota.

And so far based on industry reaction and dealer surveys, our predictions were well ahead of the curve.

Toyota will try to sell 40,000 FJ's in the USA in its first year.

While everyone was busy checking out the models at the SEMA auto show, 001 was busy in secret meetings with a high level Toyota informant.

Agent X as we'll call them, told us that because of the positive reaction to the SUV, a convertible version is a virtual shoe-in a year or two down the road.

We'd even be happy with a Cruiser with a panoramic roof!
Mar 22, 2004
Castle Rock, CO
Very cool...does agent 001 (not as cool as agent 007?) have anything else to tell us? :D

I think this is going to be a homerun vehicle for Toyota, and I like how the Scion market is based on a ton of aftermarket choices, dealer-installed 3rd party products...that same philosophy would work well with the FJ Cruiser, they could offer ARB bumpers, ARB front locker, etc...all dealer installed...very cool IMO...

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