Possible Busted Birf?

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Apr 8, 2002
Portland, OR
Over the weekend i was running over some rocks and i was backing down some rocks and i landed on my bumper and a little on my shackle. Well afterwards my steering got all screwed up. There is a little tension when i try to turn to the left and not so much when i turn to the right. I can crank my tires all the way in both direction. My set up is open in the front and I have 35" tires. the wheels were straight when i landed and it wasn't that big of a drop.

Could it be that i partially busted my birf? Or something with my steering setup?? I guess i should also mention that i have Scout P/S on my rig.

I've never broken a birf on my rig, but to me it sounds like you've bent something in your steering set-up. A broken birf would make some grinding or popping sounds, and I don't believe it would affect steering.
All the steering in straight, i bought a new drag link that should come in tomorrow because i have some slop in that. other than that i don't know what else. I"m SUA so my springs protect most of the steering.

have someone turn the wheel while you look very carefully from the front to see if anything is amiss.
IMO, not a birf....more likely steering or spring related...you didn't BEND anything up there did ya?

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