Possbile BJ60 purchase

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Mar 10, 2008
I found a '84 BJ60 with 250k miles in Canada within my driving distance for $5600. It has the 5 speed which is what I want. The guy selling has owned several cruisers over the years. He says the inside c-channel of the frame was rusty so he cut it out on both sides and re-fabb'ed new c-channel and welded in the new channel re-attaching all the brackets. This was not a frame off restore. The lips of the rear wheel wells had rust which he cut out and neutralized and then glassed them, he glassed a few spots in the floor after removing the carpet. It has the original paint which I guess is good because you can tell no one tried to "fix" it up and put a cheap paint job on it. He says the rockers and windshield frame is all in good shape. The interior sounds like it's ok, not a 10. I plan to put my leather seats out of my '87 gas FJ60 in the BJ60. My '87 FJ60 is in okay shape but the windshield frame has rust and leaks so I really don't consider it a swap option.

What are thoughts on the frame "fix" I've described. It seems like it's worth what he's asking but I don't know how well this type of frame fix could be done. Thoughts?

84 BJ60.jpg
I think it's high for a cruiser purchase considering its rust problems and boarder line outrageous for a transplant cruiser.
If you can post detailed photos from the owner, showing the repairs, the Mud community could help out more effectively. Without photos, I wouldn't go further on it.

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