SOLD Portland, Or: 1993 FZJ80 Toyota Land Cruiser Triple locked and Expedition Equipped (1 Viewer)

Feb 11, 2017
Orlando, FL
Vehicle Model
  1. 80 Series
97213 Portland Oregon, United States
Triple-locked from Factory (front, center, & rear differential lockers)
235k miles

A sad day has come that I must sell my most prized possession, the legendary 80 series Land Cruiser, lovingly named “Rosie” by my fiance for its can do attitude of getting you to the most remote campsite and the means to stay there long after you were meant to come home. I have driven this great machine all across the US and Canada, even down into Baja, Mexico; It has never once left me stranded or broken down. If you are one that seeks the wildest of adventures anywhere a two-track road can take you while being able to overcome any obstacle that comes in your way, this is the vehicle for you. Please be sure to read through to end before reaching out with offers.

First, we could start off with the vehicle itself. The Land Cruiser comes from multiple generations of off-road heritage of taking vehicles where they had never been before. In the 90s, the roads had been built and the need for a more comfortable family hauler was born. This was and continues to this day to still be the best solid-axle factory vehicle made. Coil sprung suspension, factory electronic lockers, and full-time four-wheel drive give the best comfort and flexibility. Add a 4.5” lift, 35” tires, and some armor and you might as well be in a tank. Inside, the vehicle has had a few updates; bluetooth aftermarket radio, USB charging ports, and a GPS unit. Sitting in the driver seat feels like jumping into a true expedition vehicle; dials and switches galore but everything has its place. A/C to keep you cool on the hottest days, and a heater that could melt a glacier. All windows, sunroof, and seat motors function as they should. But, let’s not be too hasty though, this is only where the fun begins. Roll in to your favorite campsite, back up to your prefered view, and now you have truly arrived.

Step around the back, swing the tire to the side, pop the hatch and lower the tailgate; in front of you is your own personal gourmet kitchen. Built in refrigerator, stove or cast iron cookware, and a pantry of all the little bits to make your favorite camp meals. Custom cut starboard material replaces the tailgate carpet along with an extension that mounts to the swing out. Lights in the hatch can be set to any color of the rainbow as well as a galley light for prep, with accompanying area lights for the sides of the vehicle. If it begins to rain or happens to be a bright sunny day the roof rack has an awning that covers the side and rear of the vehicle for a huge shaded area to sit and soak up the views in any weather. If you decide to stay awhile at your campsite there is a second battery under the hood for powering all electronics outside of running the vehicle; to that you can connect solar panels and as long as the sun continues to shine you can park at that campsite as long as you want. Surely, you would’ve brought your camera with you to take pictures of the view, but what if the batteries all die and you still haven’t gotten that perfect shot? Fear not explorer, you also have a 1000W Pure Sine Inverter in the back to charge and run everything you can think of. There’s even a few additional USB ports back here for charging as well.

Now, as the fire starts to die out at the end of a long day of driving to the most remote campsite you could and spending the afternoon exploring it’s probably about time to tuck in for the night. This vehicle still has you covered and once you're in bed it's the best night of sleep camping you will ever have. No rocks or roots causing you to sleep cockeyed. From the rear hatch to the back of the front seats is a platform built for two. What if you want to take the kids or some friends camping too? No problem for getting there as the seats are tucked under the platform, or if you and your plus one feel like going for a long haul road trip you could even remove the middle row of seats to have extra storage space inside the vehicle undetected from outside eyes.

This brings us to our next topic, transformation. Everything that has been built into the back of this Land Cruiser is fully removable just by loosening some turnbuckles and unplugging the power into the box in the rear of the vehicle. I built the system in the back to be able to be pulled out of this vehicle and put into another Land Cruiser or similar vehicle of its size, while at the same time being able to return everything back to stock if desired; all the way down to the carpet and seatbelts for the third row. So, if down the road you so desired to turn this back into the family crawler it once was then you always could.

As you can tell a lot of thought has gone into this build and it has survived the harshest of environments up to this point. This vehicle has been used and has been put through its paces and more often than not the vehicle will make it all look easy. The built in sleeping platform is built out of marine grade plywood and sealed. Everything is built for durability and has not given me an issue yet.

Now you ask why someone would want to sell such a prized and well thought out vehicle? Circumstances have changed in my life that require me to sell. I still have many plans for this vehicle moving forward but unfortunately for me I have run out of time. With that this vehicle has a couple quarks that need to be addressed. I had planned to swap the motor and transmission for a diesel at some point so the factory inline 4.5L engine has the typical oil cover leak on the front of the motor. The transmission can upshift sometimes a bit too soon causing acceleration to be slower than it already is; to remedy this I have found helping it to decide where to shift helps. Occasionally the check engine light comes on with a rich code, I think this might be an O2 sensor on its way out. The front seats are beginning to show their age, this can be fixed with a releather kit that I can point you in the direction of, I just havent had the excess funds to jump on it yet. Keep in mind none of these issues have ever left me stranded and when this truck is out in its element I feel that is when it is happiest and gives no issues, driving in the city is not what its meant to do. Lastly, we come to the paint, it is the original paint so the clearcoat is peeling in spots and there are a few neutralized spots surface rust spots. It’s got plenty of desert pinstriping as well, I left it with original paint and its aged patina on purpose with the desire to eventually drive the truck down to South America on the Pan-American trail, shiny vehicles attract prying eyes.

For the nitty gritty, I am willing to negotiate price on this for serious buyers only. I always prefer cash in hand but if you can show me proof of funds then I am willing to work with a potential buyer. I will sell the truck as it is fully equipped or I will sell it with the roof rack and sleeping platform removed while leaving the second battery and wiring complete to the rear cargo area.

The following base parts of the vehicle with all spares will be sold for $15,000 OBO

Upgrades to vehicle include:
  • OME "heavy" front springs with 1" spacer
  • OME "heavy" rear springs
  • OME Heavy Shocks
  • Roger Brown 1" body lift (With the springs that's about 4" - 4.5" of overall lift before you factor in the nearly 35" tires.)
  • Slee caster correction plates to compensate for lift
  • 315/75/16 Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac tires (lots of meat remaining!)
  • Axles completely rebuilt this month w/ seals and bearings
  • Rebuilt drive shafts, front and rear
  • New front brake calipers
  • Full cooling system (radiator, etc.) overhaul with genuine Toyota parts
  • Stainless steel Slee Offroad brake lines & diff breathers
  • Slee Offroad improved headlight wiring harness
  • Dual Odyssey 34R-PC1500T Deep Cycle and Cranking Batteries
  • Blue Sea Systems ML-ACR Battery Link w/ in cab switch
  • On/Off control for winch
  • Relocated Windshield washer kit for second battery
  • Relocated negative Bus Bar
  • In cab Voltmeter w/ usb ports
  • OEM Center Locking Differential switch wired in
  • Garmin GPS unit
  • 2 Gauge welding wire ran from front battery to rear sleeping platform
  • Nitro Chromoly front axle
  • Nitro 4.88 gears
  • Bumpit Offroad front bumper (winch compatible)
  • Bumpit Offroad transfer case skid plate (frickin heavy!)
  • The Edge Offroad custom sliders with catalytic converter skid plate
  • 4x4 Labs rear bumper with dual swing-outs
  • Added center locking differential switch (genuine Toyota)
  • The Edge Offroad sealed LED rock lights
  • LED flood lights and light bar on bumper
  • Cobra CB radio
  • Alpine Bluetooth-compatible CD/MP3/USB/AM/FM double DIN stereo
  • Pioneer speakers in original Toyota factory locations

Off-Road & Recovery equipment:
  • 10,0000 lb Warn Winch VR10000
  • Snatchblock and Assorted D-rings
  • Pair of MaxTraxx Traction Mats
  • ARB kinetic snatch strap
  • Superflow air compressor
  • ARB E-Z tire deflator kit
  • Red 60” "Hi-Lift" jack with pad (for use on soft ground)

Spares: (OEM where Possible)
  • Water Pump
  • ECM
  • Brand New Starter
  • Original factory front internal axle & Birfield joints (still in perfectly usable condition), with original ABS tone rings included.
  • Toyota Factory Service Manual both printed and in PDF (for 1996, but it's the same)
  • Toyota Factory Electrical Wiring Manual both printed and in PDF (again, for 1996 but still really helpful)
  • Records from my ownership
  • Original factory third-row seats
  • Original factory rear cargo carpet and plastic panels

For an additional cost of $7,500 I will include all equipment for a full expedition vehicle:
  • Prinsu Design Modular roof rack
  • Rhino Rack Fox Wing 270 Degree Awning
  • 12v Isotherm 36L drawer refrigerator
  • 1000W Pure sine inverter
  • Two 60W circuit breakers
  • 48” Deep 500lb Capacity locking drawer
  • 24” Deep utensil Drawer with built in cutting board
  • Blue Sea systems custom switch panel w/ USB ports
  • Galley and area LED Lights
  • RGB Remote controlled LED lights inside rear hatch
  • Renology 100W solar panel kit
  • 7 gallon water tank for mounting to roof w/ water spigot and shrader valve for pressurization
  • Trasharoo for spare tire
  • Sand mat
  • Inflatable hammock

This can all be yours for the total of $22,500 OBO. If there is enough interest I can deliver anywhere in the US pending national events and I will gladly take additional photos if necessary.










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Sep 27, 2019
Awesome description and display of love for your truck. Bummer you have to let it go.

Wish my price ceiling was a little higher...
Feb 11, 2017
Orlando, FL
Hi Everyone,

The truck is still available. Unfortunately, I didnt get any of the notifications of you all posting here so I haven't been the best seller.

If there is still interest feel free to reach out with serious inquiries by phone at 407-432-8601.

At this point I would try to sell it as a complete package as it would probably be a pain to try and store the parts for me right now.

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