SOLD Portland OR 1991 LJ78 LandCruiser Prado (1 Viewer)

Feb 7, 2011
United States
SOLD. Staying in Portland and getting a new lease on life.

9/8 UPDATE. Brakes are super soft with no visible seeping. My guess is there is a vacuum leak. Ready to move this thing as is or I'll part it out in the next couple of weeks.

$6000-ish....I would rather this go to a Mud member so shoot me an offer. Obviously loosing my shirt on this but it needs to go.
Photo link below. Tried to get some of the normal trouble spots rust-wise. It is really pretty straight.


176,972 km / 109,000 miles

CLEAN TITLE and insured in Oregon as a Diesel

Well kept Prado in almost stock trim. No lift. 4WD works properly and the e-locking hubs function as they should.
We searched for a while to find the cleanest one we could afford. This one had 2 owners in Canada and still has the Tokyo Toyota sticker on the door.

The push button shock dampening still works. 4 speed auto transmission with overdrive.

2LTE 2.4 liter turbo diesel with the a manual injection pump swap. Garage space is needed to finally complete the build out on my Troopy.

NOTE Runs and drives but is not totally buttoned up everywhere so I’m listing it as a project. I like being as transparent as possible when it comes to condition. I haven't had enough drive time with it since the injection pump conversion to trust it 100% so take that into consideration.
Timing is dead on but it has not really been tested enough.

Basically we bought this to be my better half’s daily driver with the intention of an engine swap at some point. It was a daily for about 6 months until we started having some issues with the electronically controlled injection pump that NOBODY in the States will work on. We ended up sourcing the correct 2LT manual injection pump and installed it. Works great with a modified accelerator cable assembly to keep the auto kick down cable working as it should. The only thing this modification losses is the tach. I do have a freshly cleaned injection pump core with the correct internal flywheel and sensor. The original pump comes with the truck if you prefer sending it overseas for a rebuild.

Timing belt done. I always replace them when removing the pump/pulley.

Injectors were just done by a good local shop. Full rebuild with nozzles.

Has AC but the compressor needed some new gaskets so is currently off the vehicle. All the stuff needed to reinstall is still in the engine bay. We replaced the turbo when we bought it . Engine fluids have all been changed. Has had it’s head replaced in the past and I've noticed no seeping.

Body is in great shape with only a few scratches. Rear bumper has a couple of dents but looks fine. The frame and chassis are in good shape and the rust was kept at bay in this trucks time in Canada. Interior is clean with only a couple cigarette burns in the upholstery. We do have the 3rd row jump seats. Windshield is still the single sided laminated JDM so it has cracked…easily procured I just never got around to it. Sunroof works as it should.

Brand new (have receipt) General Grabber AT tires on the matching set of factory 16” Prado rims, including the spare.

Needs the driver side window regulator replaced. There is an inline switch in the dash that operates it now. Door switches are intact.

This is a perfect candidate for a 1KZTE swap or even a 1PZ?!.

You should be able to get it to your shop or garage within a reasonably close distance but I would recommend tow/trailer if otherwise.
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Feb 7, 2011
Glad to hear you found a buyer. Would have been a shame to see it parted out.
Yeah it really needs motor swap and it sounds like thats the plan. If I had space I would have dropped a 1PZ in it.
My better half already misses it though....might have to start saving for a HZJ77 to be the 'family car'

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