Popping out of gear at low speeds

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Dec 20, 2008
Costa Rica
Recently had the clutch replaced but now have a problem where it pops out of gear when the truck isn't moving or at slow speeds.. so far I'm able to drive fine just keeping my hand on the shifter to keep it in gear until the truck is cruising.. ideas?
Interesting, you can try a couple of things: check the inner boot is not binding to shifter. Check is plastic cap on the end of the shifter. You will have to remove the shifter a see if it is worn. It may be cheaper to replace the tranny internal issues like something being worn out. I would definitely try doing a search.
"THIS" thread might help you track down the problem.
"THIS" thread might help you track down the problem.
tks Steamer, it was exactly this problem.. one of the springs was broken.. switched up the springs and now have exactly the other problem described in that thread.. trying to see if i can locate the replacement part..

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