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Jan 10, 2021
cottonwood utah
Living in the desert out of the 80 for some time now.i was out on gold bar rim, stopped to let the rig cool down for a bit and upon startup it would immediately die. Thought I was f***ed for a bit but I realized as long as I had any pressure on the gas it would run. I tightened the slack in the throttle cable and other one that runs next to it, that helped quiet a bit but still not right.

now I’m experiencing a rapid fire popcorn like sound while idling and as soon as I put it in gear it dies unless I tac it up. I’m considering driving it back up to Salt Lake City to work on it, it gets around town just fine even highway speeds are alright. I’m concerned it won’t make the ~250 mile drive back to the city if it has to do with valves.
Are there any simpler solutions it may be? Possibly a sensor issue, timing, I’ve seen people with similar issues claiming it could be an exhaust leak. Any info pointing me in the right direction is greatly appreciated.
Jul 17, 2018
Last time I had that was in a Dodge 1500 and the EGR valve had popped off a hose and was burping hot exhaust gas.
Probably not the issue, but its easy to check.

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