Poor mans breather assembly

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Nov 6, 2003
Frankfort Ky
Alright guys, here is the breather assembly I made for my truck a few months ago. It costs under $25 to build, looks sharp, and can be expanded upon should the need arise. I chose to mount it inside my engine bay, passenger side, level with the carb. Hopefully, when I build my snorkel, I will plumb the lines in there. The breather has 4 lines, one for each axle, one for the transfercase, and I thought one for the tranny, until I figured out that the tranny breathes through the transfer. So with that extra line, I hooked up the steering box, as you can never be too safe.
The assembly consists of: tubing, I used somewhere around 25 feet worth of clear .25" ID, .375 OD flexible tube, available at any home center. This size tubing required grinding down the nipples left on the axles when you pop off the caps and springs. Just grind enough to allow the tubing to slide over the nipple. You can use larger tubing to avoid this if you like, however the size must be consistent through out.
Go to NAPA or equivalent, and get three fittings from their air-brake drawers, the ones with the brass bodies and fittings. These are the ticket, and meant for this very application, although far overkill. Two of these three fittings will be male T fittings, with compression sleeves on all three sides. The third fitting will be a T fitting aswell, however the 2 side outlets will be female, one on each side of the male. Sorry for the lack of pictures of these in particular, but you should be able to figure it out. Napa will know what you mean.
You will also need a crankcase breather, one of the cheap conical mini filters will do nicely, available for $9 at most car places. KandN are more like $25, take your pick.
And lastly, you need one hose clamp for each line you plan to run.
Lay your three air-brake fittings on a table, with the 3m T's on either side of the fitting with 2f and 1m outlets. Each 3m fitting should be positioned so that the 3rd m outlet will be facing towards you on a table, with the other 2 m outlets facing side to side. Take the 2f 1m fitting, and set it between the 3m fittings, with the male output facing up (towards the ceiling), and the female outputs facing the 3m fittings. Screw the 3 fittings together like this. Take your conical filter and screw it onto the male output thats pointing up in the center fitting. Now you have a brass block with a filter and 4 compression sleeves sticking out, which is where you attach the four lines going to your axles and such.
How I mounted mine was to drill a hole into the center block, opposite the filter, and thread it for a 6x1.00 bolt. I drilled a hole into my firewall, and ran the bolt in through the indie, and threaded it into the breather assembly. I ran my hoses throutgh the frame rails for protection. Where one hose is exposed and your concerned about it getting cut, a .375" hard brake line spring works wonders.
Hopefully I explained this well enough to understand without step by step pictures, but here is a pic of the finished product.
What do you think?
FYI Tranny breathes through the shift tower. :D
Other than that excellent writeup.
Napa part numbers would be really nice. Please.
I don't see a pic.
Woody whadya say bout throwin this up on Tech?
Now having some difficulty resizing picture to fit, have large file. Could definately get some part #'s over the next few days. Will post a picture in an hour or two, as soon as I lay another coat of paint on my hardtop during the 'window'.
Part numbers would be great, I would love to copy your setup without having to rummage through the Napa parts cabinet. (The only Napa with those type of industrial parts is nowhere near me)
Send me the pic I'll host it. No resizing necessary.
I think that is one great write up and an excellent way to do the breathers. I just pull the caps and clamp on 3/8" hose then run it to the top of the firewall and put a .99 cent auto zone filter on it with the feed line bent over 180' and secured with a zip tie.

DOnt run it to the snorkel. If you roll they will leak, hence the 180' bend in the hose on the feed end. You dont want to add pressure to the items in question and you dont want oil collecting in the snorkel. If you do roll the first thing to go will be the snork top so it might not really matter much. :flipoff2:
Right on, thanks for the wisdom. I guess I'll run it through the rollbar then.
Hopefully this pic will give you some idea how it will look when finished. Unfortunately this is the only pic I have right now, but will post more as soon as possible.
you are putting way too much time into this but have fun :beer:
Part #'s from NAPA- 2 of air-brake male Tee fitting # 1471x6, and 1 of pipe male branch Tee # 3600x4
[quote author=CruisinGA link=board=1;threadid=8616;start=msg74216#msg74216 date=1071107733]
Want to pick up those numbers for me next time you go by Napa, David? :D
Please ? :D

No Bailey, you call Brian @ 404 627 0068 tell him what you want and have him throw it in my box. Next time i am there i will pick it up
[quote author=dd113 link=board=1;threadid=8616;start=msg74280#msg74280 date=1071113846]
No Bailey, you call Brian @ 404 627 0068 tell him what you want and have him throw it in my box. Next time i am there i will pick it up
Sounds good to me. :D
Thanks. :cheers:

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