points for non-USA distributor?

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Feb 12, 2005
Prince George, BC
Hi all! I am putting a non-USA distributor in my 74 F engine , if I wanted to order new points from Toyota or a jobber what year/application would I order them for? Are they the same as the ones out of my 74 retarded dizzy? cause I think I have a set of those kicking around somewhere. Just trying to get a trail spares kit together.
No, they are not the same as the VR dizzy. I have New Era points (just changed them out) in mine, PN NPS-107RC (SOR PN 022-04D)
IIRC, the non US dizzy is the same thing as a '69 & earlier stock US vacuum advance dizzy...just ask for that at the parts counter.
Or ask for a Pertronix for the same and lose the points....
I have a Non-USA dist in my 74' (love it, by the way) and put a Pertronix in it...love that also. I have spare points in my glove box for back up. I've used it in all the old cars I've had and love it. Goodtimes.
Non-USA vacuum advance distributor and the OEM points, condensor and rotor. Toyota calls the points a 'distributor'..
Thanks! you guys are awesome! How easy is it to swap the pertronix out for points on the trail if the pertronix poops out? I'm hoping to go and get the cruiser on thursday and bring it home to start my "build" (whatever I can afford to do to it before I get antsy and decide to take it wheeling). It's been sitting for 4 years now at my Dad's farm, I finally have a place to work on it.
it is pretty easy to swap; however I have been running pertronix for several years with no issues and have not heard of any failing either.

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