pogo stick 60

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Oct 1, 2002
Midland Texas
On the high way my 60 pogos like a pogo stick. It just starts bouncing up and down and never stops. Is this a shock issue? I have the BDS shocks that came with my lift, if I get some OME's nitro shocks or some 9000x's would I spend less time pogoing?
my 60 does that but its becuase my shackles dont move at all the bushings are shot and nothing moves at all,i hit a bump and its like hitting a ramp...thats why i had to refresh everything on my suspension i just decided to plundge right into a spring over...good luck figureing it out.... al
Maybe it just likes to pogo?

Seriously, though, doubt it's a shock issue--you have to have something causing the harmonic imbalance, like serious tire balance problem, or worse, a bubble in your tire (which will lead to blowout or tread separation real quick). Does it happen after you hit a bump, or does it start up on its own?

How long has the lift been on?
It hapends when I drive at freeway speeds on any type of less than perfect surface. It's almost like someone is jumping up and down on the bumper it just pogos. The tires, and everything are less than a year old. New shocks, new tires, new greasable shackles and greasable pins. The tires have been rotated and balanced recently and there is no sign of tire deformation. I did install longer (1 inch lift) shackles so maybe I just screwed up the geometry. The bds shocks look to me kinda cheap so I thought that maybe it is happining when they heat up (shock fade??) But I am stumped. :slap:
I doubt it would do that if you had no shocks. Something else is the problem. Have your balance checked, you may need shims to correct your caster since you installed longer length shackles. I doubt even bad caster would do that.
The bad harmonics could be due to wheel bearing wear?

Mike S
Like an old ranch truck with a load.

How about when you put all your weight on the rear corner and let go quick. Does the truck spring up and down more than twice? A quick way to test how well your shocks are dampening. If it takes more than a couple of bounces to completely stop maybe your shocks are undersize.
I've got a new BDS lift with shocks, greaseable shackles (stock length) and pins and new tires on my '82 and it rides nice. It's stiffer than the old tired springs were but it does not "pogo".

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