Please REPOST: Throttle Cable Adjustment

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Mar 30, 2003
Hi guys- can someone please repost the link to the article on the throttle cable adjustment to fix the shifting problem common to both FJ80 trannies? The article/link was posted on the SOR forums, but it has been taken down and I cannot find it with any web searches. Please repost the article (or preferably the link) if you have it. Thanks!

Hello, and welcome to the 80s section!

We had a lot of good posts on the SOR forum. Only a few were captured by the group before they went under. We were hoping Woody would be able to salvage the 80s section or at least get the old SW running so we could retrieve posts. It would be a very big project that is unlikely to happen but we have our fingers crossed.

On to your post. It is the Auto Tranny Kick-Down cable adjustment that you are looking for. It is described in the FSM if you have that. I believe that was one of my posts so I will look to see what I can come up with. In the meantime, adjust the tranny kick-down so the little knob on the end of the cable is sticking out < 1mm. Without a diagram or a picture that doesn't help does it?

I printed that post and (more importantly) its link to another location before the SOR board went away. If someone has that link (I don't off-hand, and won't be able to get it until tomorrow), that would do the trick. I'd be happy to scan it in and post it, but can't do that until tomorrow evening. :(

Related question: To adjust the cable a 14 mm wrench is needed. &nbsp:Does anything need to be removed to get that wrench in there---has anyone had luck doing that without removing the horn (is that what's next to it)? Perhaps my wrench is too long (one of those rare times that's a problem.... :-X )


If it's the one I think you mean, the link on SOR was to this site!! Look under tech, under "Randy Farnsworth's throttle adjustment". Randy is a good guy by the way. Shared a taco with him once.
The flying saucer looking thingie is the EGR modulator. It has 3 hoses attached and slips into a clip. No tools needed to remove or move it. However, you don't need to move it to adjust the tranny kick-down cable.
I don't have the FSM. Is the cable in question referred to as the throttle cable or the tranny kickdown cable in the FSM?
I don't recall the FSM terminology but Randy's write-up (see above) is on target.

The cable has more than one function. One thing that it does is control the shift points where the transmission down shifts to a lower gear when coming to a stop. That's why it is commonly referred to as the kick-down cable.

Make minor adjustments. There is a "sweet spot" where everything will work work well (upshifts and downshifts.) If you're off a little either way then it doesn't work right.

Remember... minor adjustments.


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