Please renew your tlca membership!

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Mar 16, 2009
McLean, VA
Fellow Capital Cruizer-Heads -

TLCA membership is way down this year (25% as of February). This is really putting a squeeze on the budget. You may have noticed it has already affected the size of the latest edition of Toyota Trails magazine. If we don't pull together and get this situation turned around, we could see curtailment of member benefits and of sanctioned events.

National has started a New Member Referral Program that will give you $5 off your next renewal for each new member you sign-up. You'll even get $5 for re-signing that slacker buddy who has let his membership lapse more than 5 months. Details on how to claim your credit are posted on the website.

If you forgot when you last renewed, or just haven't gotten around to it yet, please do it right now! If you can afford it, renew for 3 years and save some bucks. And about that freeloading buddy of yours who borrows your copy of Trails...make him buy a membership too. Better yet, charge him a membership fee the next time you have to drag his carcass out of the woods because he didn't do proper pre-trip prep or maintenance...something he would have learned about had he been a member in good standing at the upcoming Tech Day (4/18 @ Convenience Car Car in Manassas; see the above thread for details).

Thanks for your support of TLCA and CLCC!

Jon Sourbeer
CLCC Chapter Delegate
TLCA #16786
Hmm... who is this "Stale Ale" character talking about TLCA dues?

Re-upped last week - #19549!

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