Please help with tach wiring!!!!!

Dec 2, 2009
Ft Worth, TX
Ok, I have posted this a couple of different times...

I am in need of FJ60 US Model gurus to help me out. I have a stock tach that I am trying to install, and I need to know where the all the wiring goes. Yes, I have looked at the FSM, I cannot figure it out, I guess I am an idiot. Yes, I have tried searching dozens of times with various key phrases. I guess am still an idiot.

The wires off the tach assembley, there are 5, A Red w/ Green stripe, a Black, a Black w/ Yellow stripe, a Red, and a White w/ Black stripe.

The Red w/ Green Stripe and White w/ Black stripe are for the light that goes in behind the tach. The Red w/ Green stripe, connects to the tail light circuit. The White w/ Black stripe gets Grounded. (Please correct me if I am wrong)

According to the FSM The Black wire goes to the Negative (-) side of the ignition coil,............................

And that is where I lose it!! I have two wires that I really have no idea what to do with. I do not understand the FSM diagram as to where these wires go.

Where does the RED wire go???

Where Does the BLACK W/ YELLOW stripe wire go??

Please someone help me out, if only because I sound pretty pathetic and cannot figure out a FSM!!



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