Please help with Downey springs!

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Feb 14, 2006
Me and my dad are installing four inch downey springs and dont know what one goes on back or front. also which WAY they go on. you can flip them around. we installed what we think are the fronts(they have less arc than the rears) but the bump stops dont line up. seriously i got to get my cruiser out of his driveway cause my step mom is gonna s*** all over me. thank you

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i heard they were ...

out of business. did your coils come new to you, as in still marked, or are they used and dirt covered?

One end was supposed to be marked, but i dont know which. based on three/maybe two year ago post on another blog site.

since you seem to have two sets of two, which is longer?

i guess the question would be best asked at this point... Do you have coils? Or, do you have a set of leafs?
Tom will probably chime in anytime.....and have all your answers
they are leaf springs. brand new old stock.they have numbers on them and + marks on one end one set looks like "48110-64 +" and the other is "48210-64 +" the plus is on one side of the centering pin in the middle so i think it means something

Mark (Mark's Off Road) will be able to help. He has the last of the Downey leafs (soon to be mine). He wont be back online till Monday night probably.
Aren't all FJ40 leaf springs designed so that the larger side of the arc faces the schackles? Also, the fronts usually have more leafs than the rears because of the added weight of the engine.

So, find the two with the extra leaf(s). Those are the fronts. Now look at them and measure the distance from the center pin to the ends. The longer ends face the shackles.
Or just ask the guy who made them!!!
48110-64 goes on the front.
48210-64 goes on the rear
Longest end of the spring (from the center bolt) goes towards the shackle. Easy deal!!!

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