please help fj45 disc brakes

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Feb 24, 2009
south australia
hi asked heaps of questions and everyone has said easy im stuck tried putting front tailshaft back on and guess wat doesnt bolt to diff so tried swapping uni joint and otha joint from 82 model different size unis please help car stuck in air
disc brakes

its a 73 model also im putting the rear axle in atm too am i in for the same with that appreciate your info thanks shane
There is DEFINITELY a multi-drilled flange for the 82 diff that includes the 73 bolt pattern.

AND, if you buy a new 82 flange aftermarket, it will be round, where you can drill your own bolt patterns regardless.


Mark A.
re fj45 disc brakes

how tight do you retighten pinion bolt and how do you stop pinion moving,tailshaft out would i lock hubs?
You cant be reading what people are telling you.. To hold the companion flange, make a tool that fits two bolt holes on the flange, that you can bolt to the flange to stop it rotating, while you torque it to the value I posted above. Its not a bolt, its a nut.
i agree with the stuff above easy job to do just find something to hold the flange yes its hard to torque the nut so i used a floor jack under my torque wrench handle hey have you seen my period key?

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