Please give feedback on this 60 series if it looks to be a good buy

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Jan 31, 2012
Tulsa, OK
Hi Guys,

I just test drove this 1987 Land Cruiser and it ran fairly well. It had a little power steering whine, bright lights didn't work, fuel gauge didn't work. AC worked, radio worked, new carb. This guys ad said no leaks but it looked like something is definitely leaking on the drivers side. What are your thoughts on this unit as a purchase?

1987 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60

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Been for sale for a month, not a steal of a deal but looks serviceable. Knuckle rebuilds are a good way to learn a truck.
I wonder what our 200 series will look like in 30yrs. I bet it will have more than 233k miles.
I agree that $8500 is too much for this rig.
The exterior looks nice. Did that year come with factory sun roof or is that added on - if so, does it leak?
I hate to say it but with that many miles and not knowing it's history you have to assume a rebuild is in your near future.
Not to dissuade you from buying it but I'd start low knowing you're likely going to drop another 2 grand into it in the first year on fixes and upgrades.
In all, it's a nice looking truck.
My rig is identical to that one. I have a few rusty patches that I don't see in your photos. Does it pass emissions?! It looks like the power steering hoses are leaking. Probably low on power steering fluid which would explain the whine. That was an easy ten minute fix. The knuckles are definitely in need of service. I'm ordering parts for mine today as they look just like those photos. It looks like the oil pan gasket is toast as well, however that could be from a leaky valve cover gasket. That was my experience anyway. I'd also ask about the clutch and when that was serviced. Get up under there with a rag in hand and try to wiggle the propeller shafts near the split. If they have a lot of play you might have issues there. Check to see if you can move the shaft in or out at the diffs. You really don't want to have to change pinion bearings. It looks as though you could have a leaky pinion seal in one of those photos, however, it could be from a leak from something else above it. Check the U joints while you're there. All of these things are serviceable and most of it could be done in the garage without even lifting the truck. How much time do you want to spend playing in the grease and how much more would you spend for an FJ60? I paid $4500 for mine. I would not spend more than that on the rig you're posting about. These trucks are really cool and a lot of fun! But don't buy one on impulse. I did that with my first one and I blew the transmission and transfer case on the way home...
Edit: also, looks like it's time to replace the shocks.
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4000 tops
4000 tops
Yeah, if everyone starts coughing up the cash for these inflated prices then it will become the standard across the country pretty soon and nobody will want to go through the trouble of keeping them alive anymore. It's already starting to happen.
Thanks Guys, think I will pass. Thanks again for all of your input!
$8500. and expect to spend that figure twice, as that rig will start money pitting you very soon. It's worth $5k.(if it's rust free)& you like to work on stuff).

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