Playing/Charging Ipod in your ride

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Feb 1, 2007
Lex, NE
I know a lot of people have updated their stereo's in their 80s :grinpimp: just like me, and I know that alot of those people have added an iPod adapter to play music. With my Eclipse AVN7000 it would play & charge my iPod, well my old iPod took a dump and I purchased the new iPod classic and it wouldn't charge. Well after doing some searching I found this product made by Scosche and it works great so anyone that has a new iPod that won't charge you can buy this and it works great...

Mods if this is in the wrong place feel free to move it :confused:
I still have the stock radio but added two things to enable my ipod (now iphone).

First is I installed a FM antenna inline adapter (just plugs into antenna port on back of radio and then real antenna plugs into it). This allows any signal on a set frequency to play thru the FM tuner. The adapter (a small box I put up on top of the radio behind the dash switches) only had RCA plugs so I then used an RCA to mini plug cord and put a female mini into the dash so any sound device can plug in.

Second thing I did was put a USB port into the lighter socket (Belkin I think) for power.

Now with a cable I bought from (just a few bucks) it plugs into both the mini jack and USB port. On the opposite end is an ipod/iphone plug...perfect.

Much better than the FM broadcasting solutions because it is hardwired so no sound quality or interference issues. I'll post a pick of the finished mod later even though it probably isn't interesting to most of you since you've probably updated to new radios with aux inputs...
My stock cd player died years ago and I replaced with a nice cd player, but would not mind a MP3 compatible unit! I am watching to see what suggestion folks make!
I have an Alpne unit with a iPod cable to the glove box. It charges and controls the iPod through the head unit.

I can get the model number tomorrow.

Is it the case that nearly any head unit can be adapted to play/charge iPods through a special cable you buy? I'm car-audio-clueless.
Mine's in the glove box connected to my Kenwood DVD head unit!
pioneer head units work well, they will charge everything except an iphone. i have one in my rig and i love it.
Is it the case that nearly any head unit can be adapted to play/charge iPods through a special cable you buy? I'm car-audio-clueless.

Not all head units will play an iPod but if you have the "headphone jack" in the front you can plug it into that. Some head units make a chord that will plug into the back of the head unit and it will play and some will charge. My eclipse AVN7000 is kind of old so it will not longer charge the newer iPod but if you buy the little connector it will charge it again.

I have noticed that Eclipse has come out with some awesome new head units, I am a little jealous that I can't get a new one :crybaby:
I just use the "headphone" jack so I can play virtually any device in the truck (ei Laptop, Sansa, iPod, etc)
I replaced my OE unit with a Pioneer AVH-P3200BT. It plays and charges my iPhone and kids' Nanos just fine. Also has a headphone jack in the front panel for other items (FRS, CB, etc...)
Here are a few pics of my aux input. just drilled hole in blank switch plate for mini plug. I chose the belkin USB adapter since it fits flush into the lighter socket so it has a more built in appearance.

Although you see two wires coming out of the dash the merge into one after a foot or two and have the single ipod/iphone connector. Not only is it a single conneciton to my iphone but it also has the advantage that the audio is line level rather than going thru the headphone jack where volume is affected by the level selected on the phone.

Found the box for the Jensen FM Modulator (KVFM1) that is tucked up on top of the radio behind the dash.
I charge my iphone with a cig lighter hook up and I play it using the bluetooth function on my deck. It works really well because it automatically connects to the deck once I hit play on the iphone.
This installation (along with my Alpine head unit) has worked out great for me.



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