Plastic box on the air intake

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Sep 17, 2010
Everson, WA
What is the purpose of the plastic box situated inside the fender that is attached to the air intake? I just have a rubber tube attached to the air filter that goes into the fender area, and it seems to work pretty well. I de-snorkled my LX450, tired of all questions and stares, and the stock intake looks pretty darn high and protected on my lifted truck anyways. Looking at my scanguage, I might have gained .5 mpg by removing it too.
I am not positive but I believe it would aid in water or debris going back there vs. into the air cleaner which also has a drain and catch can.
I know they hold a lot of dog food and bird seed- the squirrels figured that out while at the PO's cabin...
It's an air box, used for sound reduction. A lot of the engine noise comes from the intake side of the engine. Most road going vehicles have some sort of sliencing at the air intake.
Most of my noise comes from a Magnaflow exhaust. So I'm guessing I might as well leave it off? There's the water issue too, but not sure how much it would help. My old Jeep had an airflow restrictor on it to make it quieter. Removing it gained a 1 mpg increase.
most of the noise in my rig comes from the voices in my head.
stop it,
I mean it...

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