Planning a road trip to Ouray, Telluride, and Moab in June

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Nov 23, 2007
Indianapolis, Indiana
I am planning a road trip out to Ouray, Telluride, and Moab. I have never been out there and am looking for suggestions for scenic trails with easy/moderate ratings. Also need advice on best camping and lodging (for the wife) we will be out in the area for about 7-9 days. Am looking forward to the trip and the destination.

Thanks for any help,
June might be a little early for CO due to snow still on the trails. I went around July 8 one year and some trails were still impassable and closed. Buy a Delorme Gazateer and Google "Colorado 4wd book". The books have accurate trail descriptions, locations, and highlights. Also the blue forum has been been doing an annual event in Ouray for the last 3 years. Recommend attending.
I'd start by looking at the
FJSummit 2010 National Meet it has great information about the trails and accommodations in and around and Telluride. The event organizers have done a nice job of organizing the information for the region on their website. Too bad the timing is off, going to the event is a good way to enjoy the area...
There is so much to see in Moab it's rediculous..I would maybe start out with Fins n things to get a taste of it and move on from there..I have been several times and just did Elephant Hill and it was fantastic!!! Top of the World is a must have photo opp for Moab..
I live in Delta Co., 42 miles from Ouray. Your not going to do much 4 wheelin in the mountains in early June.
Is it still pretty snow bound at that time?:steer:
Even if the trails are snowbound, its worth a drive to Ouray and over the "million dollar highway" into Telluride.

Then, just continue West to Moab. Its a nice drive between them and then you can have some serious trail time in Moab. As others have stated, Fins & Things is a great into to the trails in and around Moab. To the right of the main trail is mostly sand and with some rocks while on the left side you get the slickrock and fins.

Top of the World is a trail I'd agree is a must do. I'd be sure to have some company if you plan on doing Poison Spider, Moab Rim and Hell's Revenge, not advised to do alone IMHO...
Thanks for the feedback, and nice rig by the way Coach. Are there a fair amount of trails that will be open in the lower elevations around SW Colorado in early June? I was going to cancel the trip, but am now rethinking it. I'm not one for making reservations and being that well planned out so my schedule and route is pretty loose. Is it hard to find hotel/motel rooms in Moab/SW Colorado that time of year? I plan on camping about half the time, but the wife can only handle a few days at a time before she needs civilized accommodations:crybaby:. Thanks for any feedback, I've never been that far out west and am hoping to make it a great trip.

Shouldn't have any problems with finding hotels in Moab or Ouray.

Trails closures are going to be a day by day thing. In '08, they opened the Black Bear Pass the morning of my trail run in July, so it all depends on the snow pack and if there is enough interest to get them cleared...

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