Pitting On The Birfs

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Sep 30, 2007
I've noticed some pitting on my birfs :bang:and thought about the JB weld fill,anyone know of anything on the negative side about this? thx guys
If there is pitting on your birfs than means water has gotten in and caused some rust. No need to fill in the pits on birfields just make sure you repack with good grease.

If you are talking about the axle side of the knuckle (the ball that the knuckle turns on) that's not a Birfield. Those can get pitted and some have done the JB weld filler trick and sanded or wiped smooth. I'd check your grease inside to see if it's in good condition. You can get an idea of it's condition by opening the square plug on top of the knuckle and using something as a dipstick to get a sample of the grease. If it looks good I'd just clean up the part of the knuckle you can see and shoot some paint on it. If it doesn't look like grease anymore then it might be a good time for at least a repacking but better yet a rebuild of the knuckle.
I agree with Boots. No JB weld. Do an axel rebuild and you
will be fine.

Did the water enter via the differential? If so, now would be a good time to extend the breathers and check your rear diff fluids
as well.
no offence but that isn't an answer to my question
My bad,it is the knuckles not the birf,having a rough morning here.
There is no negative effects of using JB weld(several here on mud has done the same) but some pitting will not hurt your knuckles
Replace the felt gasket behind the knukle at the very least if you're worried. There is a steel plate over the top of that. You can cut the top of the felt without harm, slide it around the axle and do it without even removing the wheel. Then grease it up good before you put it back together, you should be fine.

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