Pitting on steering knuckle bell

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Jun 20, 2005
Shawnee, KS
How concerned do I need to be about the pitting on the bell? I read on Roger Brown's site where he took a rotary and orbital sander to his bell to smooth it out.

Is this necessary?
Thanks Chris-

I'm venturing into new territory with this solid axle stuff.

Here is a pic of the current condition.
That'll need to be smoothed up. A flapper wheel on a drill will work well, or experiment with the tools you have on hand. Just smooth it up without creating flat spots or other profile changes it. I'd initially shy away from your grinder as that'll take some finesse you wouldn't want to find out you didn't have, after the fact.
Thanks Chris

I think I have some 120 grit flapper wheels in the garage somewhere.
Rite Here's A Prime Example Why It Ain't Shuch A Bad Thing If'n The Knuckels Leek A Liddle Grease.
I've heard of guys filling any low areas (pitting or flatspots from messing up) with jbweld and then "refinishing" it with a gentle touch of the flapper wheel. another option for ya...

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