pitman arm inquiry for a saginaw

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Feb 21, 2009
Enumclaw, WA
I know another question but I think it is different. I talked to Proffitt's today about which one to get and looked on lab's site as well for a 7" flat arm for theirs. I was told by Proffitt's to go with borgeson's 806018 but looking at Borg's site they have ones that are bendable and flat steel. What is the difference? What makes it able to be bent modified? Is one better than the other?

why not use the one that comes with your box? i am.
of course, mine is a junkyard box with a flat arm. maybe it does not apply.
i bought a downey or manafree ps kit years ago and they said use a pitman arm from a 70 cutlas or similar car and i did .it bolted to the saginaw box and the toyota tierod fit right in dont know if these are even available now but it worked great.

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