Pitbull Rocker review updates Please

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Mar 4, 2007
Looking hard at running Pitbull Rockers on my 40'. Either 35x14.5x15 or 37's. Have 3" suspension lift (SUA) with Shackle reversal and 3" body lift. Not a daily driver but is driven to & from the trails

Have read the product review from 2+ years ago. Looking for updates,
How are they wearing? Those that purchased them: Are you still running them? If not, what did you switch to & why?

Only one other guy (I know of) on Oahu (Or the state) is running them and the local rep, understandably stocks few if any. My friend likes them allot but has only had his for about 6 months.

Look forward to the replies. Thankyou in advance.
Wow! 32 views with no responses.
Hey positive and negative reviews are equally welcome.
Then again maybe I should post this quire in the extreme builds area?

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